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The Illiberal Challenge
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Us and Them
What, Me Worry?
Failure to Launch
To Err Is Human
The Times They Are A Changin'
Is Democracy the Problem?
Crisis of Confidence
Democracy skeptics are getting a wider hearing than ever these days. But on five crucial issues that ail us, the evidence shows that some democracies do better while almost all non-democracies do not.
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The Bulldog Behind the Easel
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Marital Interference
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The End of History at 30
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Know Thyself
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The AI Podcast
With Richard Aldous
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The Middle East & Beyond
Ironic Iconography
The Tourists’ Puzzlement

How did a statue of Andrew Jackson end up at the center of Lafayette Park? There is an answer, but a story goes with it.

The Peanut Gallery
2019 Predictions

Another year, another round of prognostication. TAI editors speculate about what 2019 has in store.

Editorial Blog
Context Matters
The Left’s Case Against Birthright Citizenship

The view that “none of us deserve citizenship” is incoherent because it invokes the horrors of statelessness to make what is essentially an anti-statist argument.

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