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A Literary Lament
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Maintaining a Balance
Roll Call
Civil Society
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Trump's SCOTUS Pick
Multiculturalism and the World Cup
The French Connection
Why American liberals celebrating the French team’s “Africanness” are making common cause with Jean-Marie Le Pen.
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At the Movies
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Oligarchy Watch
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The View from Kyiv
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Russia and the Outside World
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National Insecurity
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Life of the Mind
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The AI Podcast
With Richard Aldous
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The Middle East & Beyond
Niagra Falls Moment #2
The “Libya Model”

So exactly what “Libya Model” did John Bolton have in mind?

Democracy, Development & the Rule of Law
Why Populism?
The Populist Surge

Trumpist populism could easily linger longer than most people readily assume.

Democracy Square
A New Beginning
Welcome to Democracy Square

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this blog about the issues and challenges confronting democracy at home and abroad.

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Mosul on Their Minds
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